Legal Fee Analytics (LFA) is truly unique in its approach and capabilities. No other legal fee consultant in the country offers comparable legal sophistication, quantitative precision or institutional capacity. Drawing upon our experience as practicing attorneys and litigators, and informing our analysis with factual context and quantitative data, we provide insight and opinions that others cannot.


  • Attorney Fee Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Litigation Management

LFA is the only firm where experienced attorneys, rather than non-lawyers or big data specialists, are entirely and exclusively responsible for the legal fee analysis. This is a critical differentiator because the “reasonableness” of legal spend can only be properly assessed in the context of the underlying legal matter, taking into consideration the underlying legal issues, the nature of the matter, and case law and procedures relevant to determining whether attorney fees are reasonable and necessary. LFA’s attorneys have a nuanced understanding of the law and legal practice concerning attorney fees, coupled with an understanding of the actual practice of law, which gives us the professional credibility to provide authoritative analysis and opinions. This not only leads to better analysis, it also allows us to effectively address concerns raised by all interested parties, and also allows us to counter criticisms that might be raised by opposing parties.

LFA employs trial-tested methodology and computer assistance to conduct quantitative analyses of legal fees and expenses. The team itemizes legal spend using a unique coding system and proprietary database application designed specifically for LFA. Our attorneys use the system to evaluate fees and expenses in light of client priorities, legal imperatives and market norms, and are able to prepare refined quantitative analyses that inform and support our opinions. Our grounded and substantiated recommendations are built to withstand close scrutiny by clients, outside counsel, opposing counsel and courts.

LFA attorneys are recognized as leading practitioners of legal fee jurisprudence. Our analysis and opinions are based upon the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct and relevant state and federal rulings addressing the “reasonableness” of legal fees, including the U.S. Supreme Court’s seminal opinion in Hensley v. Eckerhart. We also have the knowledge that comes from having handled thousands of engagements, and billions of dollars in fees, across numerous litigation and non-litigation matters.

Additionally, LFA has years of practical experience in managing outside counsel and vendors and managing legal costs.  We’ve been in the weeds on these issues from all sides, which allows us to understand the nuances involved with identifying problems, developing solutions, and implementing any changes necessary to accomplish the client’s objectives.



Corporations and governmental agencies increasingly find themselves confronted by and immersed in significant protracted litigation, including mass tort, multi-party lawsuits, class actions, and other “bet the company” types of litigation. The expenses and costs associated with these types of suits increase rapidly and frequently exceed budgeting expectations. Businesses of all sizes, whether they employ in-house or outside counsel, are finding that a significant amount of their expenditures are comprised of legal costs. By taking measures to review legal spending, interpret analytics, and devise proactive management solutions, businesses can realize significant savings. For more than 20 years, the professionals at Legal Fee Analytics have been providing these comprehensive services to clients throughout the nation and internationally. As experts in the field of fee reasonableness and litigation management, we offer unsurpassed experience and state-of-the-art resources that allow our clients to achieve their unique objectives.


Our ability to provide professional services relating to attorney fee issues stems from our experience as commercial litigators, fee auditors, and Certified Litigation Management Professionals. Rather than rely on computer-generated “red flags” and inexperienced attorneys or non-attorneys to control, manage, or analyze the millions of dollars clients spend on attorneys’ fees and vendor expenses, the core foundation of Legal Fee Analytics is the litigation experience of our seasoned attorneys and professionals, creating the ultimate form of legal peer review. Drawing from their impressive backgrounds and collective experience as litigators, the members of Legal Fee Analytics are uniquely qualified to offer the expert witness and consulting services, litigation management services, legal fee auditing assessments, and dispute resolution services necessary to address all manner of attorney fee issues.


Legal Fee Analytics’ proven methodology is based on well-developed principles of law. The custom database application we utilize enables us to provide clients with comprehensive and accurate analytics that inform our advice and allows us to provide clients with pro-active solutions that can be applied on a going-forward basis. This forward-thinking approach, coupled with our unique experiences as litigators and attorney fee experts, sets us apart from others in our field. Too often, legal fee analysis is overly reliant on computer-driven reporting, un-informed by litigation experience, and unable to provide the comprehensive insight and range of services available from Legal Fee Analytics.


Having spent years refining our skills within the field and drawing from a wide breadth of engagements and our own experience as attorneys, LFA is equipped to handle the various concerns of our clientele, which is diverse in both industry-specific challenges and geographic and cultural concerns. Unlike others in the industry, not only do we provide analysis, but we also actually devise and implement proactive and ongoing solutions.