Expert Opinions

LFA’s director, Joe Studer, regularly serves as a consulting expert, testifying expert or special counsel in disputes over legal fees and expenses. He has testified numerous times in matters across the country, and his expert opinions have been accepted in numerous US federal and state courts. Joe provides opinions on

Litigation Management

LFA has extensive experience in managing and controlling legal costs, built upon actively working in the trenches with corporations and their outside counsel. Our goal is not to slash costs indiscriminately, and our fee is not contingent upon how much we cut. While lower legal bills are an almost inevitable

Legal Fee Audits

Legal fee audits are at the core of everything we do. Whether providing expert opinions, managing complex litigation, resolving a fee dispute or budgeting for future costs—it all begins with a careful evaluation and understanding of legal spend. We have extensive experience auditing and evaluating the reasonableness of legal fees

Dispute Resolution

Based on our long experience and reputation for providing objective and well-supported opinions, LFA is often asked to serve as a neutral reviewer in legal fee disputes. Because we have analyzed fee issues from all angles and understand each party’s interests, we are ideally suited to identify objective and practical


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